Adding network storage to HA for backup prevents NAS from going into standby (powersaving) mode

Hi there. I am measuring the power the power that my QNAP NAS is consuming, and noticed that is not going into standby mode anymore. Usually when no one is connecting to the SMB shares, the QNAP stops the disks which brings down power consumption from 50w to around 24w.
Untill now, I was unable to determine since when the QNAP stopped going into standby.

I have a SMB share on my NAS configured as Home Assistant network storage. I only use it to create Home Assistant backups to this share. I found out that Home Assistant somehow is periodically checking if that SMB share is still available (it looks like roughly every 10 min), and this prevents my NAS from going into sleep. After removing the network storage from HA the problem is immediatly solved and the QNAP goes into sleep.

Is there a reason for this keep alive?
Like to hear your opinion.

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Seems like this should be considered a defect. It will also chronically wake a sleeping PC if used for network storage, or HA will alternately complain when trying to access the PC storage (unnecessarily) and the PC is sleeping, if WOL activity isn’t enabled on the PC.

Exactly. Considering reporting this as a bug.
Not sure, maybe it just works as designed…?