Adding new 3rd integrations to HA (when running HA on Docker)

Hey, I have a noob question here.

I’m running HA in docker on my rpi3 and all has been pretty awesome, but now I want to expand out and add somemore integrations, specifically the glances integration to display some metrics for my other systems.

The problem I’m having is that I can’t seem to figure out how to do this with the current setup. The docs (in the glances link above) reference going into the Configuration > Integrations screen, but when I look in here there is only a very limited amount of integrations available - nothing like the 1492 offered within the integrations page (I assume the integrations bundled with the stock docker image are a core subset of all available). I’ve already added the config manually to my configuration.yaml file, but I simply get an error on startup that says [homeassistant.setup] Setup failed for glances: No setup function defined.

So I assume I need to pull this in somehow… Could someone tell me how to do this? I guess I ultimately need to build a new docker image on top of the official HA image and start diverging, but I’m unsure of exactly how to pull in these extensions given that the docs imply it’s automatic for some other method of distribution than docker.

It looks like you need to install “Glances” on the host machine that is also running HA. Then you will reference that setup in the configuration.yaml.

Not all things that can be integrated into HA are listed in the “integrations” page.And it doesn’t make any difference if you run HA in docker, a venv or as hassio. It’s all exactly the same HA underneath. So if the integration isn’t offered in the GUI configuration in Docker it won’t be there in any other version either.

You can probably install Glances on your host in different ways. Maybe they offer a Docker image, Or you can install it manually on the machine.

hey, thanks for your reply.

Installing glances isn’t the problem, getting the integration code into home assistant is.

The glances integration documentation lists the following steps

Whilst my list of possible integrations does not include this

My question is how to get glances as a possible integration within my install.

I’m running HA in Docker (non-hassio) and Glances shows up in my integration options:


Have you tried to restart or refresh your browser cache?

Do you have “glances:” in your configuration.yaml right now? If so, then I think it is normal that it doesn’t show up in this list. Remove it from configuration.yaml, restart and check if you see it now under integrations.


I pulled in the latest docker image, removed the glances entry from the configuration.yaml and now it seems I can select it from the integrations list and configure it directly.

Thanks for all your help ppl, this is a pretty fast and awesome community :slight_smile:

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