Adding new devices/properties automatically to a dashboard?

I have rtl_433 and from time to time new devices are popping up.

How do I create/enable automation to have these devices and their properties automatically added to a specific dashboard?

You should switch off auto-adding…please look at other posts where people have hundreds of devices they cannot (easily) remove.
Only use auto-add when you (and only you) seek to add

I would love to know where I can turn on auto-adding. Could you tell me, please?

Your integration should handle this, which did you use? I have this one

I have 433_rtl and 433_auto_discovery. Discovered devices are handled to Mosquitto broker but I don’t see any options to add devices automatically on the dashboard.

If MQTT then they should be shown in MQTT integration, not?
I donot have 433_rtl (auto_discovery) so cannot provide more support on that specific one

It is shown in Mosquitto broker as devices and entries but not automatically added.

Let me dig more on this direction…