Adding new DNS providers Let's encrypt addon

I’m using Inwx as my domain provider, unfortunately this is not supported as DNS provider by the Let’s encrypt addon. How can this be added to the addon?

I’ve used dehydrated for getting certificates with DNS challenge previously, but when moving to HassIO this is not working anymore.

Did you found a solution for INWX?
I have the same problem.

I have added INWX to Let’s encrypt addon.

For now it is a fork of the official addon repository.
I look to get it in the offical addon now.
If you want to try it.
You can download the code from my repository and copy only the letsencrypt on your samba share addon directory. And you need to remove the line with image and the comma before.
“image”: “homeassistant/{arch}-addon-letsencrypt”

Now it will build the addon locally new, otherwise it would download the original image.