Adding new WiFi power meter

I am new to HA and have successfully added several ZigBee devices through the Tuya cloud based integration. Those devices were automatically discovered from my Smart Life account that I had setup using my phone. Yesterday I received 2 new devices: a ZigBee light dimmer, and a WiFi power meter (PG-01). After adding both devices to Smart Life, the dimmer showed up in HA by itself, but the power meter didn’t, even after several hours. The power meter was the first device that Smart Life didn’t find by scanning, I had to add it manually. I am thinking that this is some type of WiFi problem. Please point me to a guide for troubleshooting this type of problem. This is my second WiFi device. The first was an LG washing machine (ThinQ integration) which was added without any issues.

My WiFi network doesn’t have many devices connected to it: 3 laptops, 1 printer, 2 routers running dd-wrt that are connected to each other by Ethernet cable through a switch, ISP supplied fiber modem/router connected to our main router, washing machine, ZigBee router, and this new WiFi power meter. My son configured our WiFi and it runs two networks: the one provided by the ISP, and one that he had setup. We generally use the one he had setup. Forgot to mention that HA is running on my laptop in a Virtual Box VM. I had been using a VPN on my laptop, which I just turned off a few minutes ago to see if that makes a difference. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated?

Is there a place in Smart Home where I can find more details about the WiFi device (power meter) that I have added? I can see it in the Tuya IoT web page in my account/project. It shows up as “Smart power monitor - PG-01 Wifi” where it shows a device ID number and an IP address.

My son was able to figure it out. He had to add it by adding a new Local Tuya integration and adding the device there. Now we will just need to figure out the sensors list for this device. They are numbered without names, but show measured values. We will install it in the panel so that the values populate instead of having so many at zero and we can assign appropriate names and units.