Adding Non Smart Devices to Home Assistant

Can we add non smart devices such as 10 years old tube lights (Manufactured by local brand which has no communication component built right into it) which is connected to regular switch board ?

Yes, you’d need to add some form of smart device to control it, whether that’s a Z-Wave module (like this) or something else.

For lamp and lights I use sonoff’s
A little tinkering may be required to incorporate it into your house wiring but mine have been reliable for the 12 or so months I’ve had them.

Yep, +1 on above. I have lots of things that aren’t smart that i have ‘smartened’ so to speak. I use these;

Although you need to reflash the chip to allow compatability with MQTT, they are so cheap they are great, reliable too. Lots on resource online for reflashing, you need to be reasonably technical to achieve.

Your other option could be to use the Ikea Tradfri light driver depending on voltage. (needs no tinkering to get going, does need the ikea gateway thou!)