Adding note to snapshots

Adding note to snapshots.

Currently when creating a snapshot there is no possibility to add a note to the snapshot.

For reference would be a great addition to be able to add a note.

i have vscode and created a readme.txt

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can you please tell me how this helps me?

well when a snapsshot is created this file is is in side the snapshot

Thanks StePhan for clarification. But for me this sounds like a workaround. Which can work.

I prefer to have something in the gui or UI, if you create a manual snapshot, there is a possibilitycurrent

to just enter one line of text which is visable in the snapshot overview

See my examples

snapshots are that if you know when they are taken then they are not snapshots

? there both called snapshots… you have the snapshots created by time and the snapshots created manually.

Those manually create are created for a reason, Debugging etc. How handy would it be to have a notes field that is visable in the Snapshot UI.