Adding routers to a zigbee2mqtt mesh?

I’ve read conflicting info on this so I was hoping someone here might be able to clarify. I have a number of zigbee devices (mostly aqara sensors) already paired to my coordinator (conbee II). I recently bought a couple tradfri outlets to act as repeaters and plugged them in around the house. Now I want to re-configure my mesh so the end devices connect to a router instead if one is nearby. How exactly do I do this?

Do I simply reset each end device (i.e. hold down the button for 5s)? Or do I have to remove the device from z2m first and then reset each device?

I read hubitat automatically re-configures the mesh if you shut it off for 20min and turn it back on. It will also automatically re-configure over the course of a few days. Does z2m have features like these?

I am still learning, but as yet with trying the Aqara Lumi temperature sensors with zigbee2mqtt and zha, these units seem to only connect to the coordinator. I have not seem them ‘do a hop’ and connect to a router. I have other end devices that do connect via routers, but I have never see the Lumi temperature units do this. I don’t see anything in any documentation which indicates, if what I see is true, to say which devices will ‘hop’.