Adding solar water heater to energy distribution card


The battery is a nice addition, but a lot of people also own a solar water heater.

it would be nice if we could also see this in the energy distribution card.

What do you expect to see then? What if you heat water and never use it … is this still energy?
What if you heat your water but it only reaches (say) 30C

…also vote for your own suggestion

And adding a battery isn’t the same? You put energy in it what if you wil never use it?
I,m using my hot water heater every single day to take hot water to shower and do the dishes. It’s even used to heat my home now.

That is not an answer to my question…a battery is VA and you can measure load and unload
What type of energy do you want your solar heater to cover? Warm water? Caloric content? How do you measure this?