Adding things to areas

I feel silly asking, but I cannot figure this out. I have several entities/integrations/devices that I want to allocate to Areas. I feel like tidying stuff up ready for when areas become more useful. I have not been consistent with this when adding integrations.

Version 0.105.3 running in docker. Just plain docker running what is now called HA Core.

So in the UI I go to Configuration|Areas. I can add areas. On the areas page it says

To place devices in an area, use the link below to navigate to the integrations page and then click on a configured integration to get to the device cards.

I click the link to the integrations page, I get what I expect, a number of integrations. For example the top one is Brother Printer: blahblah model and serial number or whatever.

I click on it and I get a page with header

Device Manufacturer Model Area Integration Battery

Under Area it has No area. I click on the line and I get a page with cards for

  • the device name and serial
  • Entities
  • Automations
  • Scenes
  • Scripts

Nothing about areas. No matter what I click on, no area stuff.

Where next? Thanks for any help.

Tap the cog in the top right hand corner and you will/might see a dropdown for area.

Just added my Brother Printer - it asked for area when I added the integration… but clicking the cog…

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Hell that was easy and obvious. Thanks.

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Not that obvious IMO lol