Adding Tilt Hydrometer to HomeAssistant

I just got a Tilt Hydrometer and see that I can add an integration in devices named “Tilt Hydrometer BLE”. When I try to add this integration I immediately get a message showing “No devices found on the network”. The help button takes me to this link:

It indicates I just need a Bluetooth integration to be enabled and functional, which I think it is. I am running HomeAssistant OS 12.2 on a Raspberry Pi 4. Core version is 2024.4.3. I’ve been able to connect to the Tilt with my phone app, so I know that it is at least powered on and functional. HomeAssistant shows Bluetooth device hci0 is enabled.

I’ve not added any Bluetooth devices before so I’m not sure if this is a compatibility issue with the hardware or a bug in software. It seems that people have been successful adding the tilt hydrometer in the past so I am hoping that I can get some guidance on tracking down the issue. Is there a way to view available Bluetooth LE devices?

Since I’ve been unable to get the HomeAssistant to find the Tilt Hydrometer, I’ve developed a bit of a workaround. I have a separate PI3 and was able to install a TiltPi docker container onto it. It is communicating with the Tilt and logging to a csv file. I have a cronjob setup to copy the csv file every 5 minutes to a location that HomeAssistant can read it. I then setup 2 sensors in the configuration.yaml file to read the temp and specific gravity from the csv file.

I would still like to get the tilt integration setup directly with HomeAssistant since this workaround may not be the most reliable and will not be able to tell me if the hydrometer is connected or not.