Adding TMDB/Trakt lists directly to local library in Kodi for Home Assistant control

Apologies in advanced if there is a well documented thread out there, however I’ve been trouble shooting for days and can not figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Okay, so my goal: I have Kodi running on my NVidia Shield, and I’ve recently re done my smart home brain to Home Assistant. There is an integration set within HA where I can access and play media files from my Kodi local library TV, and Movies folders. I have a hard drive attached to the shield with a few movies on it, and I’ve managed to gain control directly from HA to trigger Kodi to play these files. However, what I would like to be able to do, is see the TV shows, and or Movies that I have saved within my addons, i.e Umbrella, Trakt and TMDB Helper. I have saved playlists (liked lists) within Trakt, and I have my watchlists all set as well. I have not been able to figure out how to add my watchlists and/or liked lists directly to my local library. I believe this is the only way I’d be able to see it within Home Assistant’s Kodi Media library menu.

I’ve watched a handful of videos, and have tried using the cog wheel within TMDB and Trakt to add specific lists to library, but nothing seems to be working. I’ve also long clicked on these specific folders, and ‘set source type’ to either TV or Movies within Kodi, but still to no avail.

I’m looking for any advice on what I might be missing, specifically with internal routing of these addon’s folders to local library, or a different way to route my Home Assistant instance to the TMDB/Trakt ‘watchlist” sections I’m trying to achieve.

My end goal is to be able to acces my Kodi Media Library within Home Assistant on a dedicated tablet in the middle of my living room. When clicking on whatever movie or tv show, it would know to play content through whatever source I’ve previously chosen on Kodi on my NVIDIA Shield.

All advice is welcome, and thanks in advance!