Adding Unsupported Zigbee2MQTT Device (VI )

I am so close to getting this device added. Everything is good regarding zigbee2mqtt with my supported devices. I have SSH’d to (or is it into?) my Pi , and what I currently see is this

The goal here is to add an entry of my device. Am I correct that if the logs gave me this:

zigbee2mqtt:info  2020-06-20 20:01:24: Successfully interviewed '0x0017880106c01547', device has successfully been paired
zigbee2mqtt:warn  2020-06-20 20:01:24: Device '0x0017880106c01547' with Zigbee model 'LWE001' is NOT supported, please follow

Then my entry should be this? :

   zigbeeModel: ['LWE001'],
   model: '929002039801',
   vendor: 'Philips',
   description: 'Hue white E12',
   extend: hue.light_onoff_brightness

And if all this is correct, then do I just copy and paste that info into VI?