Adding wireless keyboard to HASSIO on PI

Hi, i am trying to set a 2.4G keyboard which connected with a USB dongle to my PI.
i have followed this guide

but i am running HASSIO and cannot execute SUDO as a root user so not able to set the permissions for Input.

any idea how can i execute the permissions on HASSIO?


Since hassio runs as a headless appliance (remote web-ui), What are you trying to use a keyboard for?

As a remote control for HA switches, scripts etc…
I know that its possible to do it with hassbian.

You sure you need to do that? The docker container runs as root.

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Not sure, but the keyboard is working on the PI ssh-core" and i can type
But no signal from keybaord on HA UI so i guess i need to give HA premission?

maybe there is other way to activate the keyboard

You need to pass the USB through, is the USB listed in the

> hassio hardware info

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  • C0mpx 2.4G Receiver
  • /dev/ttyAMA0

how to pass it through?

It already knows of this devices existence.

so how can i control it with HA UI like this example?

Set the device name?

Yes the device name was what I’m thinking i.e.

- device_descriptor: '/dev/input/by-id/bluetooth-keyboard'
  type: 'key_up'

Or similar then if not what Hassio install did you use? Log into not hassio but to the root user Pi or whatever and change permissions.

Instead of a descriptor, use a device name like the docs say. :wink:

That’s not how hassio works. There is no ‘pi’ user

@flamingm0e Incorrect! I’m running Hassio on Ubuntu and I have a root user so it depends on where its running

But he’s running straight Hassio on the pi…so there is no pi user.

:+1: OK that was my question on the install method

i am runing on PI so no root user,

thanks for your help guys,

what would be my device name?

  • device_descriptor: ‘/dev/input/by-id/*********’

this : C0mpx 2.4G Receiver ??

Didn’t you already say it was recognized as