Adding yaml defined mqtt entity to Tasmota device

I added a distance sensor to a Sonoff SV. The sensor works as expected but only reports at teleperiods. I added a rule to the SV, copied from the Tasmota docs, to update a topic immediately whenever there’s a small delta change in the sensor value. So far so good.

I want to add this new value as an entity on the Tasmota device. The Tasmota docs say to use the MQTT Sensor integration to do that, which I did. So I now have an orphaned entity which is using the MQTT integration not Tasmota.

Is there any way to make this rule output part of the Tasmota device?

Follow up question: Is this the best approach for achieving the real time sensor reporting?

The MQTT Sensor integration allows you to specify the device.

Go to the Devices page and pick the Sonoff SV device. Look at the information displayed in the Device Info section.

The challenge is to defined the device section of your MQTT Sensor to have the exact same device information as the Sonoff SV device.

For example:

    - name: "Foo"
      state_topic: "example/whatever"
      unique_id: "abc123"
        name: "Your Sonoff SV name"
        model: "Your Sonoff SV model"
        sw_version: "Your Sonoff SV software version"
          - "Your Sonoff SV MAC address"