Adding zigbee (updatedable to matter) adapter? or hub?

I have HA running on generic x86 device (intel nuc)
i want to add zigbee support (matter upgradable) to my house.

What are some recommendations?

any suggestions?

Have you looked at the Home Assistant SkyConnect?

will that work with HA on generic x86?

Yes, it works on x86

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One more question

With skyconnect will the zigbee devices also be accessible from Google home?

If not, there another solution where I can add zigbee and have it work with both Google and home assistant?

Not directly, you have to install the Google Assistant integration. All your HA devices (not just Zigbee) can be made available to Google Home that way. I have Zigbee, Wi-Fi and RF433Mhz devices in Google Home.

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could you provide a bit more details?

I see there is a montly fee?

Not if you use the manual setup