Addition of sensor-filter functions

Hello all.

I find this project amazing and great but I’d love to make a feature request and be could even aid in development of it:
Add filter-tools to the MQTT sensors, similar as with platform: filter. As number of entities grow larger, I’d personally would not like to go through and create secondary “filter” entities for the same sensor data for every 30 sensors that I have. Instead of that, I would love to have tools like moving average to remove outliers and other trash data, but without making another 30 new sensors.

If some of you can come up with idea that could replace this, e.g. median over numerous previous values (rather than just last one), I’m open ears.

Thank you!

You do have the value_template to implement simple filtering. Though this is not simple to implement for more complex filters like filtering outliers compared to a running average.

A similar setup to the ESPHome filters that can be applied directly to the entity state value instead of (or along with) the value_template would indeed be a great idea.

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