Additional buttons to cover/blind card OR make Template?

Hi there,

My blinds are controlled by Homematic (HM-LC-Ja1PBU-FM). All blinds are shown correctly in the UI. I can drive up or down and stop the drive.

As the blinds have slats that can be tilted by the Homematic device, I would like to show this function as an additional button like this:

Home Assistant Blinds

I have already managed to insert new buttons with GitHub - jcwillox/lovelace-paper-buttons-row: Adds highly configurable buttons that use actions and per-state styling.

Pushing buttons 1 (drive blinds down and tilt by 40%) or 2 (drive blinds down and tilt by 100%) works as intended and set the blind to position and tilt-position, but the frontend doesn’t show the state of the blind by greying out button 1 or 2, like I knew it from the opened (button 3) or closed state.

I am pretty new to Home Assistant and I read about Templates. Maybe a Template would do the trick?

Can somebody give me some hints to solve my problem, and which is a proper way to go on?