Additional information from ProxmoxVE integration


I have been using proxmoxve integration for quite a while now and it iw working great however I was wondering if it was possible to add additional information into Home Assistant.

Here are some information that would be great to include for the VM (similar to the esxi custom component):

  • IP address
  • uptime
  • CPU / memory details (total, usage, %)

I tried to look at what has been developped by @K4ds3 to match my needs but I am not that techie :frowning:


I’ve just started using it myself… seems it only does one thing.

Does it only tell you if the VM is running? Is that correct?

The integration suggests the following:

Proxmox VE is an open-source server virtualization environment. This integration allows you to poll various data from your instance.

having excact the same issue, only can see “running” nothing more