Addon-button missing

After starting a fresh installation from: ```
git remote add upstream GitHub - home-assistant/core: 🏡 Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first.
The settings->add-ons is missing from the GUI

You probably installed Container or Core.

If so the information on Set up Development Environment | Home Assistant Developer Docs
is still wrong.
Would you know the correct dev gid ?

Sorry, I didn’t notice that this was in the development category. But as far as I can see it’s quite clearly stated here

“As this approach uses containers, you may face challenges exposing hardware like USB devices & adapters (onboard Bluetooth, Zigbee, …) into the container for testing. This is possible when developing on a Linux host; however, you cannot directly access such hardware if you are using a Windows or MacOS computer for development.”

Well thanks for your answer, however it i can’t make any progress this way.
That is a shame as this tiny project of mime is a game changer. I’m trying to import the actual market prices of power for Belgium, by doing so users will be able to save money on electively bills by loading battery’s, turn on the washing machine and so on.
The first part is finished. Shame there is this stupid pain on the home assistant side.