AddOn For Reviewing NVR Footage On Remote File Share

Does anyone know of a good add-on that can mount a remote file share so that I can review security camera footage contained therein? A nice UI we be awesome :slight_smile:

EDIT: It looks like this (Mount remote smb share on hassio - #44 by nickcj) should work for at least having my remote file share show up under the Media browser in HA…but I was hoping for an Add On that makes reviewing footage a bit more user friendly…like a UI akin to what you would find with NVR software so that I’m not just diving in and out of folders/files in the Media browser…

check Frigate add-on

Don’t know what you mean with the remote file share?

You don’t need an addon other than Advanced SSH and Web Terminal.

Frigate is a full NVR solution and the hardware that my Home Assistant OS is running on isn’t powerful enough to handle that. I already have another NVR setup, but I just want to be able to review the footage from within Home Assistant.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear…I want to be able to look at footage that is stored on a remote file share from within Home Assistant…Not sure how SSH helps with that…

Because you can execute mount commands from the addon, eg mount a drive on system startup.

Aaah oké,

I don’t know the specs of your NVR but maybe this topic will help you on the way?

Or migrate to a stronger system :wink: