Addon: Input Number with + and - buttons to replace slider

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Here is the first plugin I have created, it is pretty basic and has room for improvements but it works.

This is for those who would like to make small adjustments using up/down buttons.



Your timing is impeccable, I posted this question earlier today!

I spent hours searching for the similar and could not find a single one so created and learned a lot.
Sharing it so others can use the same

It is great nice work! I just tested it out and it is very much what I was looking for. I will spend more time with it and see if I can contribute. One enhancement I would suggest would be to adjust how it displays when added as a row in an entities card. Currently, it shows up with its own border nested in the table. Not sure how complicated that is to handle?

Added option to remove borders
border: false

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Awesome, looks good!

This is awesome!

This makes it much easier to change input_numbers on a wall-mounted tablet.

Only thing is I had to manually add the repository to HACS. Not a problem, but a lot of people could miss this because of that.

Sorry guys, I am lost trying to install this. noob

HACS > Frontend > click the + button (bottom)

search for ‘numberbox-card’ = nothing
search for ‘number’ two things that I would expect to come up do appear.

or can I please has a noob manual on how to add manually?


It should be added in the next update of HACS
for now you can add it manualy from HACS > Frontend > … (three dots on the top) and custom repo
add under Lovelace this url

Perfect, Thanks