Addon not recognised as started after migration to SSD

I’ve just migrated my Pi4-based HA to SSD (by deploying new install to SSD, then restoring a fresh backup).

It all looks as it should but when I try clicking on Node-Red in the sidebar it states that the add-on isn’t running, and the “start” button is available. The logs however show some activity, and when browsing directly to the IP:1880 Node Red is running just fine.

Any suggestions on what to look at?

(FWIW I seem to have a similar issue with Mosquito MQTT Broker - The GUI says the add-on isn’t started, and yet the log files show activity)

Same for me. Try Settings-System-Hardwere- …Reboot system

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Thanks, tried that, still seems same. I thought it might need some more settling down after the change but not different for now.

I’ve also noticed that ALL add-on icons are B&W, no colour to the icons (comparing with another HA instance I have running) so seems like some kind of Add-on interface issue?

For anyone else stumbling across this, I’ve since discovered that it’s essentially an issue related to restoring a snapshot, with add-ons installed, over the top of a new install that doesn’t have any add-ons installed yet. There seem to be various views on the resolution method, I’m currently looking through them to decide which approach I’ll take…

Did you find a solution for this?

Nevermind - A full restart from under the advanced tab solved it for me

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