Addon not working

I have a raspberry pi4 8gb and after a fresh installation i’m not able to download any addon from the store because the store page is empty.

In the logs i get this errors:

I think the problem is comming from this error:
unable to access ‘’: SSL certificate problem: certificate is not yet valid

I also try to reset my modem, but nothing changes.

Can someone help me?


Looks like NTP server is not returning a valid date…

How I can fix it?

By having HA connected to the internet when you boot up normally. The RPi must be connected to the internet when it starts as it does not have an RTC.

The raspberry is connected to the internet with the ethernet cable. The problem seems to be another …

I think as @DavidFW1960 that your time/date is not correct.
In your logs it’s 2021 02 02 !

Do you have a firewall on your router blocking anything?

No, i don’t have any firewall. How can I check if there is something blocking my network?

Try pinging the Google NTP server (need to google for the name)

This is the 2nd time in a few days with this same problem.

If I ping (google NTP server) from a computer in the same network it’s working!

This topic is different from my…

The last 2 posts but same issue as you in that thread.

I have the last version available installed. I also tried to re-install from begin two times…but always same problem!

Do you run pihole or any kind of firewall on your network? Something is blocking NTP on your Pi as the date is wrong.

Another install with the same issue