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Raspberry Pi as hotspot in

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This Addon

This add-on allows you to use the Raspberry Pi a3s a hotspot to connect the different devices directly to the network without going through the router.


To use this repository with your own installation please follow the official instructions on the Home Assistant website with the following URL:


The available configuration options are as follows (this is filled in with some example data):

    "ssid": "WIFI_NAME",
    "wpa_passphrase": "WIFI_PASSWORD",
    "channel": "6",
    "address": "",
    "netmask": "",
    "broadcast": ""

Note: This is just an example, don’t copy and paste it! Create your own!


To prevent the addon stop working after a few minutes, you must disable NetworkManager for wlan0.
You can use the SSH & Web Terminal addon with the option “Protection mode” disabled and run the following command:

nmcli dev set wlan0 managed no

Is it able to route the traffic to another access point?
So that means to use the wlan0 as station and access point in the same time.

I think not with this addon :grimacing: