(Addon) RPC Shutdown - Can't get it to work

Hello folks,

maybe someone can help me adding this addon, since I’m running out of ideas after reading almost every post about it.

I’m using the current home assistant version and installed rpc shutdown.

Config of the addon:

- address:
  alias: Devicename
  credentials: [email protected]%SomeStrongPassWith!Special#Characters
  delay: 15
  message: >-
    Home Assistant is shutting down this PC. This cannot be canceled. Please
    save your work!

First Problem: Credentials
I’m using a Windows-Live-Email to login ####@live.de
If I type in CMD “whoami” to find out my User it says “Deen”, under C:/Users my Profilefolder ist just the 5 first letters of my Email-Address… So which one is the right one?

Second Problem: Password
Im using a Pincode to login, but my account has a normal password aswell, which contains special characters. Is everything “safe” to write after the “user%”? Means… what happens if my password contains “%” aswell?

My configuration.yaml part(for troubleshooting, later outsourced in a switch.yaml):

#WOL Config DeenHOF
  - platform: wake_on_lan
    mac: 2C-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx
    name: DeenHOF
      service: hassio.addon_stdin
        addon: core-rpc-shutdown
        input: DeenHOF

What is working?
Actually I can start the PC remotely with a simple switch, but it always turns back on when I want to turn it off, my PC does nothing at all. The RPC-Addon does NOT create any logs.

type: entities
  - entity: switch.wol_deenhof

LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy > DWORD32bit set to 1

Services running

Added WMI App to connect through Firewall.

Thanks for your help!

I use HASS.AGENT for such things, BUT you say it turns off, but then back on. I’m thinking there something on your machine that’s turning it back on. (since the command did turn it off??)

Nah, the Switch in my UI turns off and back on itself while the PC keeps running and doesn’t shut down. :slight_smile:

Ah gotcha, sorry don’t have a solution for you with the add-on. But HASS.Agent works very well. :wink:

Can you shutdown ur pc with the hass.agent?

Is the account that you’re attempting to use set up with correct privileges to reach the machine over the network? And to shut it down? I did something similar on a RPi and had to use an account that was set up as a local Admin on the Windows host in order to get it to work.

Have you tried running the rpcshutdown command manually to see you are able to get it to work properly before automating it?

will try it again, but hadn’t had time and yesterday I bind an automation calling the turn on service to a button to start my pc, today my sd card died…
I managed to get to the backup files on it and now im waiting for the argon m2 extension for a m2 ssd, hope this will live longer. And first thing I will put on my research list: export backups to icloud, if possible.

Hey Deen,

i’m having the same problem. Did you get it to work?