Addon: RTS2P - RTSP Proxy Server

I have a handful of IP Cameras and struggle when I want to send the feed to more than one thing as the cameras really only support one feed well. I found the library by Live 555 Media to handle this but it was not friendly to use or Dockerize. I wrapped the library with Go and a config language and turned it into an HassIO addon. Figured others might find it useful.

Source here:
Repo here:


How is this different than the stream component?

The stream component converts to HLS. This streams RTSP to RTSP. It also runs in docker separate from home assistant.


I’m interested in trying this out. How can the hassio add-on be installed?

Under the Hass.IO configuration, add the custom repo listed in the first post. You should be able to select RTS2P after that and install it.

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Aah got it.

Seems to work with my Yi camera’s 720p rtsp feed. It suffers the same bandwidth issues with multiple feeds plus non-ideal wifi coverage.

Thanks for the addon!

One more thing, do you integrate the cameras in HA via ffmpeg platform?

The “Generic IP Camera” platform requires a “still_image_url” which is not provided by your addon, or is it?

No sorry, there’s no single image function (yet)

Does the proxy server create a always-on connection on start or only while there are clients requesting the stream?

I am fairly sure it maintains an always on stream. For the most part, this is just a convenience wrapper around the Live555 Proxy Server

I created this so you could run it in docker and use a config file which it did not support easily.

Eventually, I would like to modify this such that you can yank frames from it so it will be more friendly with HASS.

You are amazing. I’ve been looking for this 4Ever. One quick question, do you know if camera internal motion detection, and line cross alerts are passed on through the RTSP and therefor to the nvr’s aimed at the proxy?

I doubt it, but I don’t honestly know for sure.

I just got an ezviz c1c cam and it had limited number of connections allowed so this solved that! thank!