Addon suggestion - Virtualhere USB client - WIP

I’d just give you a heads up that im working on this. And any help is welcome. Will be making a repo out of this at some point.

What Virtualhere does, non technical:

Have a server (RPI or any board somewhere in your house)
Have a client (hassio docker image)

Plug in a usb device in the server, set auto discovery on on the client, use it natively on your client

I use this at home to connect to my DSMR + RFXtrx hub since my power cabinet is downstairs and my hassio (VM on FreeNAS) is upstairs.
Now i’m switching to an Odroid XU4 with HassOS on it, and i’m figuring out how to tackle this.

Things to sort out:
How to reshare container USB with other containers

Documentation/work done by other already:

Official docker image x86_64 by virtualhere:

Client flavors:

Arm server container (outdated):

Server flavors:

Hi @eh50,

Is this still an active effort? Unfortunately I can’t be of much help, but i am very interested in this. I guess this will have to be packaged as an addon for it to work on Hassio.

My use case is that I run Hassio on HyperV and there is no USB passthrough possible.


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My XU4 where i was planning to install HASSOS on died, i’m trying to fix it. Don’t know if its a hardware or software failure.

Are you running HASSOS or hassio on linux?

Hi @eh50

I’ve just gone fairly all in on in Hyper V and have just realised I may not be able to use the z-wave stick I’ve ordered.

As above, is this still an active effort? Is there anything I can do?

I’m going to tackle this over the next few days.

My understanding is the VirtualHere client will need to be installed on the Hassio/docker host and then passed into the guest.

Maybe you can also install the server / client inside an add-on, instead of on the host. After all they are docker containers so with the right privileges it may work.


Good idea, looks like there’s already one available too:

I’m trying out HA and have also setup in Hyper V and was wondering if there was any further development or advice in setting up VirtualHere client? The host machine has already been setup with VirtualHere server component and Z-Wave USB device.

Hi, I would also be very happy if this would be available. i am willing to test :slight_smile:

This would be a good addition to Hassio, both as server and as client!