Addon's database beeing deleted when reboot?

I’m using hassio in a docker, which was installed using the convenience script:

curl -sL
 | bash -s -- -m raspberrypi3 -d /home/pi/docker/hassio

I used the -d flag to indicate that the user data should be stored in /home/pi/docker/hassio.

Which seems to work, but every time I restart my Zigbee2MQTT addon, I lose my zigbee devices and have to repair. Someone suggested that maybe I’m not persisting that database.

The counter point to that is that I do see a </home/pi/docker/hassio/share/zigbee2mqtt>, and in that folder is the “database.db” file.

I’m not sure, but I think that’s what Z2M uses to know what devices are joined to the network?

Looking for advice on what to try next to fix the problem.

Can I run Z2M as a separate container all by itself, without using hassio? Maybe then I can define containers more normally, as a compose file and specify bind volumes. As long as MQTT discovery on Hassio is enabled, it should not matter whether hassio handles the addon’s container or if I handle it via compose?