Addons not starting automatically after some reboots?

Recently I’ve been dealing with my HA not booting the addons even when the automatically-start is set from reboot. Now when I monitor it specifically and restart it, the addons boot up like they should, but lately I’ve been messing with my Network due to router upgrades and such, and I usually restart the devices when network changes happen. And without noticing because I’m busy doing other things, I noticed today that none of my addons started at all. And I checked the uptime and it’s been three days, and I have a mod (Adblock) that has a graph that shows when last blocking happened, and that was three days ago. This has been happening for about a month and some change now, and I’m not sure how I can get it so it’s fixed.

Anyone know what I can do? Maybe there’s a YAML config I could add so it makes sure the things automatically start, etc.

Click the addons —> Toggle the option of “Start on boot”

Sorry forgot to add, that I already have that selected on my addons. Nothing wrong there.

Can you see any error logs from the addons? Have you enabled Watchdog too?

I’ve never used Watchdog, is it a addon or a setting somewhere? For logs, I usually use Promtail to my Main Server, but, obviously no logs get sent over if the mod wasn’t ever started in the first place.

Watchdog should be under Start on boot option. The logs can be obtained when you click at the addon - look at the bottom right.

I don’t know, maybe the addons started but encountered an error. Just want to rule out the possibility of that.

If nothing shows up, you may want to try this.

Oh I see where Watchdog is now. I followed that persons method, so we’ll see if things get fixed, or if all that was needed was Watchdog being on. Can’t really do much from here except continue experimenting.