Addons panel_iframe & SSL

hey guys, i have general question which refers to all addons. please help.
im using LetsEncrypt to generate SSL certification & NginX reverse proxy (both using addons) — everything works just fine.
i added another hassio addon (lets say Terminal addon) i set it to work with ssl and gave the key and cer files parameters, and started the addon
in my config yaml i set a panel_iframe with LAN_IP:PORT, since this is not a domain (!) the certification wont accept it and throw a worning
what can i do to fix this?
thank you!
i try my best to avoid opening ports on my router


in order to setup iframes when ssl enabled the target page has to be ssl also.
When you get the ssl warning message try to use the correct certificates in order to let it go away.


thank you unf0rg0tt3n
that mean ill have to open ports on my router. im not shut i like this idea. there must be a better solution. dont you think?

You are welcome pickeld!
By using letsencrypt the port 80 could be open for just a few minutes in order to install a certificate.
When you ensure yourself that you aren’t going to the internet, just use http.
You also could disable the prompt in your browsers security