Addressable LED strips with wired (ethernet) controller


I’ve googled a lot, but I didn’t find any good tutorial about this question. So, do you know any solution/tutorial/guide about integration addressable LED strips (like Adafruit Neopixels) to HA with wired (ethernet) connection?

I read a lot about the wi-fi solutions (ESP8266/32, WLED, NodeMCU, …) but I didn’t find a really good one with cabel.

I think I have to find the “arduino-ethernet shield-mqtt” way, but there wasn’t any good starting point.

Thank you for your help!

yeah, it’s a shame people focus only on wifi when it comes to iot.
i don’t think you will have an easy ride, someone started this:

but it looks like he gave up.

what is it you want to do? HA doesn’t control the strips you will have to code all the effects yourself and send the command via mqtt. if you want “WLED like” controls that will be alot of coding.

WLED has a whole thread on ethernet support here.

looks like only the ESP32 (not ESP8266) boards support ethernet, and there are only a few boards with ethernet on the market, but seems to be working fine for those who have tried.