Adguard Home DNS Blocklists

Hi all,

I am having some trouble with very high response time and I reckon it could be due to the large count of rules.

Would like to check with the community to see what are the DNS Blocklist you all uses?

My env:

  • Hassio on Docker reside in Ubuntu
  • Intel® Quad-Core Processor J1900
  • 8GB RAM

Below are my rules

  • AdGuard DNS filter (37977)
  • AdGuard Base filter (68189)
  • EasyList (39079)
  • Fanboy’s Annoyance List (17874)
  • EasyPrivacy (17878)
  • Spam404 (8038)
  • The Big List of Hacked Malware Web Sites (8913)
  • Scam Blocklist by DurableNapkin (404)
  • NoCoin Filter List (611)
  • feodotracker (163)
  • Fanboy’s Problematic websites List (1781)
  • StevenBlack: Unified hosts (adware + malware) (57571)

As we all here are using home assistant for IOT, my main objective for using AGH was to block any suspicious traffics and daily browsing blocking for ads, cookie, and privacy.
Would definitely appreciate if anyone can shed some light onto me which are not necessary.