Adguard not blocking ads

I’m trying to get the AdGuard addon working but it doesn’t seem to be blocking anything I specify.

I have set a static IP and external DNS on my Hassio instance:

I have set the DNS server on my router as the Hassio IP and I can see that traffic is flowing through AdGuard:

When I browse to Youtube for example I still see ads.

I have also tried blocking Reddit and I can see some blocks in the Query Logs but I still get through to the site if I go to

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Can anyone help?

Youtube ads can’t be blocked by Adguard…

For other ads… Did you set your hassio instalation as DNS in your computer/smartphone?

Check your secondary DNS, eg. on Android if you only assign a primary DNS via DHCP it will use Google DNS as a secondary server. The phone will then randomly use the secondary server (i.e. not just when the primary is unavailable), so sometimes you see ads and sometimes you don’t…

I looked into something like this a couple years ago, my recollection is that YouTube uses HTTPS so ads cannot be blocked externally because the stream cannot be intercepted and modified along the way, part of what https exists to prevent. Blocking of youtube ads has to be done on the device playing the video.

That’s not how AdGuard works anyway. All AdGuard can do is block/not block DNS requests, its got nothing to to with HTTP vs HTTPS. YouTube Ads are served by YouTube from the same servers that serve the content, so you can block YouTube Ads with AdGuard, but you will also block all the content.

Most web sites have their Ads served by 3rd party providers (ie. Different DNS than the content), so this can be blocked. Ads cannot (generally) be blocked where the content provider and advertiser are one in the same e.g. Instagram / Facebook.

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I just recently switched from the piHole add-on to the AdGuard add-on and I find that piHole was blocking way more ads. I see lots of ads now on lots of sites. AdGaurd is setup correctly and I do see a lot of blocked requests so I know it is working as it’s supposed to but, like I said, I do see more ads.
Not sure what piHole was doing differently as they are both basically DNS blockers.

I use AdGuard and never see any Ads…, how many of the built in blocklists are you using (you get to choose under Filters -> DNS Blocklists -> Add Blocklist -> Choose from the List)


@fluffierbump I just set the Redddit block on my AdGuard instance and it works fine (looks like your is working fine too…). Most likely the device you are using to access is first sending a DNS request to AdGuard, gets blocked, then uses and alternate DNS pathway to resolve the DNS name, possibly local cache or secondary DNS ?

I have all of those blocklists enabled.
Here is a site that I did not get any ads with piHole but I do now with AdGaurd.
F1, Formula 1: - Hottest News - All the F1 news, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

@fantangelo This is whaat that site looks like on my machine (no Ads…)

You may get different Ads in your region / profile…, here is the console output from Chrome so you can see what gets blocked.

Thank you for all your replies. It turns out I was just being an idiot (no surprises there.)

I’d set the DNS settings in my routers DHCP settings and NOT the routers actual DNS settings. Changed that and it all works fine now.

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Thank you for your help. So weird that your console output shows very different ad links than mine. For me most links are to https:/ or to youtube. As you say it could be regional differences. I will dig deeper.
Thanks again.

On a different note, I highly recommend it pairing it with NextDNS for even further filtering and to taking some workload off your PiHole. Or you could even migrate altogether to NextDNS if you feel comfortable with it, they have many of the PiHole functionalities and blocklists. Bright side, if you PiHole goes down you still have internet.

Indeed a great pairing with NextDNS. Certainly a big improvement and not even a PiHole needed anymore.

NextDNS is available with a 17% discount on the Yearly plan

Yup, nextdns is supposed to block ads, but they keep spamming forums with there own ads. Makes me not to trust them.

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