ADGuard not working

It must been something stupid, but I don’t see it…

HA is installed on ODROID on IP

I changed the DNS server in my router

But ADGuard doesn’t do anything

What am I missing ?

All of a sudden it seems to work, but…

Why does “my” computer not appear in this list ?

When I’m looking to the site f.e. I still get advertisements

Maybe I have to add filters ?

How do I know which filters I have to add ?

Does the DNS server on your computer point to the ADGaurd IP address?

When I do an IPCONFIG /ALL I get this is my ODROID, the is my router

Is that OK ?

OK, found it… I have a repeater and it seems my computer was connected to it. In ADGuard only the repeater came in the list.

I removed my repeater and now my computer is in the list

Schermafbeelding 2021-12-15 144343

But I still have Louis Vuitton :grimacing:

Have you found a solution by now? I am kind of struggling with the same problem with no solution in mind

I just had to restart the addon after setting up the Static IP after the first installation, then it started working (it showed my HA’s IP address in setup → working) :man_shrugging: