Adguard Randomly not being able to connect to websites

Hey people, I’m having an issue with my Adguard on my Home Assistant that I have installed on a Raspberry Pi 4. Randomly throughout the day it would just stop connecting to new sites or services, however sites or service (i.e. Discord) I’m already connected to are unaffected. Restarting Adguard through my Home Assistant would temporarily fix this problem. I have no idea what the problem is and I can’t seem to find a solution.

This all started when my ISP had a major outage around my area a couple of weeks ago, which could have been a coincidence. And I’m just looking for any help at this point. Thank you.

My Adguard and Home Assistant are up-to-date.

Hello @tehwongway,

What’s in the AdGuard query logs in such cases?

Can you provide some details of your AdGuard DNS configuration e.g. bootstrap DNS servers and upstream DNS servers?

How did you integrate AdGuard in your DNS resolution?

  1. Client - Router - AdGuard
  2. Client - AdGuard

Hey sorry for the late response,

The query log looks normal, whenever I have the issue of not being connected it doesn’t say anything weird.

As for the DNS config it’s using the default setup of Quad9 as the upstream (
and the bootstrap DNS server is

For integration:
Device with its DNS set to my RasPi’s IP (RasPi has my home-assistant which uses Adguard as an Addon), and then the RasPi is hard wired to my router with an Ethernet cord.

Hey @tehwongway,

wouldn’t be the first time that I hear of Quad9 outages recently.
I propose to add another DNS provider to cover that.
Maybe add cloudflare in upstream and Quad9 in bootstrap so you have these two providers each.

These are the upstream ones I use:


And here bootstrap: