Adguard setup with unifi controller help

It’s probably something simple but I don’t want to break my unifi. I am running Unifi controller 6.1.71 on a cloud key gen 2.
I added the HACS adguard into hassio (2021.7.4 on an intel nuc with fixed IP). I have a static IP into my home.
It is obviously not working correctly as I have no stats indicating this. Where in the unifi controller settings do I enable the adguard server?

If you click on setup guide in the adguard ui, it will show what ip to use. It should be the IP of your ha. For unifi you just need to add that IP for your DNS server. In settings, networks, then click the pencil for your WAN connection

Thanks for that. The setup guide shows a server IP of - my HA is a static IP in my internal network. 192.168…
I have added my HA static IP to the first WAN DNS field. How long until I can recognise if it is working?

I started typing the abovenanswer yesterday and then for some reason my network started having coniptions. I am giving this a go again this morning. Do I need to make these changes anywhere else in my network? I.E. - I have 4 Unifi AP’s around the house. All of them are set to static IP and have DNS settings. Do I need to change those?


It should start showing straight away. Not sure about the APs config, mine are at default
I’ve now removed the DNS settings from the UDM Pro and just enable it on devices I want it to be active on. I had some issues with XBOX and one of my phones with it enabled.

I also had the IP but on restart it changed to and is my HA local IP