AdGuard: "This add-on is not available on your system"

I’m trying to install AdGuard addon, but on the addon page I see a red message “This add-on is not available on your system” . :frowning:

I’m running Homeassistant 112.2 Supervised in Docker, on an Intel NUC with Linux Mint as the host OS.

Nothing I could find about this in the documentation. Searches of the forum showed similar issues with other addons, but no solutions or explanation.

Can anyone tell me, please, what is wrong?

The latest version of the AdGuard Home add-on was released yesterday and requires Home Assistant .113.2 (the current latest version of Home Assistant) or higher to be installed.

Hi, apop, Thanks for that. So the reason for the message about AdGuard addon not being available is because of the incompatible HA version? I think that the wording of the message could make this clear :wink:
I’m holding off upgrading to 113.x due to problems I have read about, so I’ll need to wait a bit to try AdGuard - but looking forward to getting it set up.
Thanks again for your reply.

That’s correct. I agree that the wording could probably be a bit clearer.