Adguard youtube remove ads

if you are like me you watch you tube videos a lot. Things are getting more and more annoying by ads on every single video. I was searching net for working solution for removing ads from you tube videos using ad guard but I didn’t find anything useful. So I decide to try something on my own.

I’m using ssl for my local home assistant access. I use dynu dns addon that can be found in this repository for getting my ssl cert.

I set up encryption in ad guard

In adguard I use dns rewite to rewite my domain to my ha ip address.
In google play store there is app called AdGuard Home Manager. I set it up using https for domain I used my domain and for local port port 80. You can enable port 80 in adguard settings. I can now connect to my adguard using this app.

Now the televsion configuration. I disabled wifi access and I’m using only lan access. My tv is directly connected to my router using powerline addapter.

On my tv settings I set up proxy server. For proxy hostname I used my domain name provided by a ssl cert and for the port I used port 853.

In my configuration internet works and I can watch youtube. There were adds regardless using adguard. But in the app I mentioned before, you can go to logs and search for tv ip.

In the app you can block manually whatever you wish like or whatever you feel like. App is not a mandatory to do this, but I’m lying in bed watching tv and this is more convenient to me. :upside_down_face:

I’m must say that i managed to remove a lot of ads. Not all of them are gone. From video to video I can get an ad but this is way less then it was before.
So, I posted it here, hope it will be helpfull.