AdguardHome not working if set at router level but works at machine level?

Anyone know why when I set my router to the Home Assistant IP to use the Adguard Home addon I’ve installed nothing resolves, but if I set my Windows box to use the HA IP, it works as it should and Adguard stats show the queries coming in and being dealt with?

In routers typically there are 2 places you can plug your DNS IP into: one place where you tell your router itself to look for DNS resolution (where NTP server is, where firmware update server is, etc.) and the other place where you tell your clients, via DHCP, where wifi clients should go for DNS resolution.

… it also depends on how good or bad or confusing the config UI is on your router.

Also if any of the wifi clients are with fixed IP and thus not doing any DHCP, then obviously you will have to declare DNS servers on each client.