Adjust device_tracker radius

I managed to set the radiusses for my zones but I find my tracker radius (blue circles on the map)
quite big. Is it possible to adjust those too?

This is completely depended on the program you use on your phone/tablet, and the settings you use on that device.

If you enable high accuracy GPS, you will get a circle down to about 3-5m when outdoors, if you rely only on cellular info, it can be as large as 1km.

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Thnx, I just tried adjusting the accuracyfilter in gpslogger (from 40 to 25) but I don’t see any update yet when i look at the map in hassio. Or does this not affect the radius and do i have to use owntracks?

That just stops it reporting when the GPS accuracy is worse than 25m.

Go outside where you have a clear view of the horizon and sky. That will improve GPS accuracy (you see more satellites)…

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I use Zanzito on Android, I moved away from Owntracks some time ago due to having performance issues with it.

the Zanzito APK is no longer on the Play Store due to some permissions changes Google recently made, but the license is still available to purchase on Google Play to unlock all features. I would highly recommend using the full version after you test it out.

Download the APK from HERE, then you can purchase the license.

I have found it to be very reliable and accurate as far as GPS position is concerned.

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I thought i saw somewhere that Zanzito was no longer being developed.

how old is that APK?

I heard that as well, however, it still works Flawlessly, so I continue to use it.

From what I remember, Google made some app permission changes some months ago, and the dev of Zanzito has not had the time to change the permissions of the app, so Google removed it until the changes are made.