Adjust polling interval for Lupus zigbee Temperature sensor

I am quite new to home assistant and this is actually my first question in this great community.

I managed to integrate some few sensors into my system amongst this the Lupus zigbee temperature sensor, which actually isn’t performing very well.

My other Aqara temperature sensors deliver reasonable temperature readings at nice intervals.

The Lupus sensor however would not and seem to get stuck with readings. Is this because of range being at the upmost distance away from my raspberry base with conbee II stick?

Or would it be possible by some commands in question to literally ask the sensor through home assistant for more values, than what I get at the moment…?

Would be thankful for any hints. …

I also have a zigbee power plug in use which I understood could support as a mesh device to extend the range of sensor readings…

Sorry for my English, I am German.

Best regards


As per the Lupus product description:

Every 30 minutes, it transmitsthe in temperature and humidity to the alarm panel. If the value changes more than 0,6°C or 3% humidity, it is transmitted immediately (maximal every 5 minutes).

Is it not what you see?

If you use ZHA, you have a visulization of your zigbee network that will tell you if the sensor is “connected”.
If you use deconz, I don’t know if such a capability exists.

No, usually the following is what I am getting.

Although at the moment the sensor is again not available anymore and although I happened to change batteries lately to brand new ones it is again at 40%only.

So if I would follow the setup through ZHA would this work in parallel to my deconz setup? And will this improve polling to be more frequent?

I was just wondering if there was a command to send to the sensor to ask to provide data on a more regular base.




The sensor is “nicht verfugbar”, which means it’s disconnected (or sends very infrequently updates, which is unlikely).
A plug typically acts as a range extender, yes.

Maybe try to re-pair it? That’s what I do when sensors becomes unavailable.

Yes you are right. That’s what explains the gap in data. But still the data shouldn’t have to be a straight line before?