Adjust type of measurement DSMR

Hi all,

I am using he DSMR component to read out my smart meter using the P1 port, currently i am getting this values:

But it want to look like this:

How can i make these changes?

Thank you in advance

I use the following configuration to make sure the decimal point is at the right place.
This is based on the readings from the mqtt component.
Adjust as needed for your own setup.

value_template: '{{ value_json["gas"] | replace("\"", "") | float | round(2) }}'

float and round are the key for you to play around with.
This is mine:
Have fun.



Thanks for the reply! This does not seem to fix the isue the current power usage is being shown in kwh insted of W?

Got it working!

- platform: template
     friendly_name: Huidig verbruik
     unit_of_measurement: W
     value_template: "{{ (states('sensor.power_consumption') | float * 1000) | round(0) }}"
     icon_template: mdi:flash