Admin for exposing entities to Alexa, Google Home & HomeKit needs a decent interface

At the moment, the admin screens for exposing/editing entities exposed to Alexa, Google Home and HomeKit are, bluntly, a mess.

I know that Alexa & Google Home are dealt with by a different integration to HomeKit, so it would seem to me that the first thing that could be looked at is for there to be a central, core interface with dealing with these. This interface could then be hookable so that other services (Hubitat, Smart Things, A N Other future service) could also hook into it.

I don’t have any grand idea of how this should work, but I would envisage a screen that lists every entity with a column for each activated service, where you just select (like you do at the moment with Alexa) whether the entity is exposed, not exposed or follows domain. This would allow a much cleaner interface, with everything in one place, rather than split across 3 different screens as it is now.

This could actually be dealt with in the Entities list by adding a new column called “Exposed to” and the bulk-edit checkboxes could also have an “Expose to” option to edit multiple entities at the same time. “Exposed to” could also be added to the list filter.

Finally, the exposure to a service could also be added to the entity’s Settings tab.