Adopt/Integrate Shelly (maybe through ShellyForHass)

Here is some request I could not yet find:

It would be great to officially adopt or integrate ShellyForHass as part of Home Assistant. Sure it’s fairly easy to integrate using HACS, but it would be awesome to make it an official integration after all. These are awesome devices at a very low cost rate and quite a lot people I know are using them. So it would be a great addition to the HA device base to support them out of the box, I think. Using them through MQTT sure does work, but would require to disable shellys own cloud function which some users don’t want to.

Have there been any considerations to do that? Couldn’t find anything.


These things are up to the developer of the custom component. If they want to submit it to Home Assistant for inclusion, which may require changes to comply with the project’s standards.