ADS communication to multiple devices

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I have my communication Hassio - Beckhoff PLC over ADS working.

ADS Beckhoff
  device: ''
  port: 801
  ip_address: '' 

What can i do to make a second plc (other ams-netid) connecting over ADS to te hassio.
Any Idea?

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I don’t think this is possible.
But you could create ADS communication to your second PLC, from the first PLC.
In this way you can map data from the second PLC to HA


Yep, that’s is now the way I worked around the problem.
But it would be cleaner to have multiple ADS communications from the HA.

Thx for your reply.

Hello Vdheerju,

can you explain your complete setting?
What do have done in your setting?
Can you sent me a example with HA config, PLC program. more ore less a complete example for both sides (HA and PLC).
My configuration is HA on PI, Beckhoff CX9020 with running PLC on Port 801
I was not able to get a connection to the ADS.

Best regards

Hello Norbert,
did you create a route on the target controller? Using TcAmsRemoteMgr.
There is a difference to the addressing of the variables between TC2 and TC3.

I have a very similar requirement and am wondering whether adding multiple ADS devices is possible or could be made possible. My use case is a decentralized setup with multiple “per-room” BC9120 controllers, each one running its own PCL program. Of course I could setup a central TwinCAT instance communicating with the separate BC controllers via ADS using import and export definitions. But that’s just overhead due to additional configuration and definition or interchange logic in TwinCAT with no additional benefit.
So yes, being able to connecto to several BC controllers via ADS wird really be nice.

Kind regards

Hi, did you make some progress here or did you solved it another way ?