Ads integration in version 0.114.4

Hello Guys!

I noticed that in the current version 0.114.4 the ADS component is not working properly.
The ADS entities are unavailble , sometimes one or two are availble.

To rule out a invalid configuration file, or bad ADS configuration on PLC side, i flashed an image with an older version of Home Assistant (I think it was 0.110.4) , loaded the same config.yaml and it worked without any errors.

The log in the latest version is giving ADS timeouts (error 1861).
The system is a Raspberry pi, with Home Assistant running in docker container.

Somebody have the same problem ? I want to see if its a bug or maybe there is something else I’m missing.

I noticed that the latest version needs more time loading then the previous version I used, so maybe it has something to do with this ADS timeout problem.

Thank you!


Chris Briers