[ADS]Update time

Is it possible to implent the ability to have an ‘update time’.
Used to check if the entity has been updated within a defined timeframe (say 10s. settable via parameter).
For example: if a sensor reads 5°, and it jumps constantly around 5 and 5.1°. This floods Home Assistant with updates, and database grows exponentially with meaningless data.
I’ve tried to implement this with a custom component, code snipplet below, but I’m not sure this is the right approach:

def update(name, value):

      _LOGGER.debug("Variable %s changed its value to %d", name, value)

      # Modification
      needsupdate = False

      if self._state_dict[state_key] == None:
          needsupdate = True
          states = self.hass.states.get('sensor.' + self._name)
          _LOGGER.debug("Sensor %s has state: %s", self._name, states)
          update_after = dt_util.utcnow() - timedelta(seconds=update_interval)
          if states != None and update_after > states.last_updated:
              needsupdate = True

      if needsupdate == True:
          if factor is None:
              tempvalue = value
              tempvalue = value / factor

          if round_perform:
              x = Decimal(tempvalue)
              if round_decimal == 0:
                  value = round(x, None)
                  value = round(x, round_decimal)
              value = tempvalue

          self._state_dict[state_key] = value
          asyncio.run_coroutine_threadsafe(async_event_set(), self.hass.loop)