Advanced control from my Apple Watch using single automations: setting lights, vacuum, temperature, sleep mode, and more!

I shared this on Reddit and got a lot of positive reactions, so I thought folks here might find it useful too.


See the video on

Check out my (well documented) home-assistant-config on GitHub: with more than 100 automations!

The relevant files for the Apple Watch automations are:

Most of the menu options activate a single automation that use the new wait_for_trigger feature.


That looks awesome! I’ve tried replicating it but I keep struggling to actually see any results in the Companion app or on the Apple Watch itself.

So far I’ve setup my config in a similar structure as yours, including the ios.yaml and apple_watch.yaml. I’ve also included the groups.yaml with info about my iphone. I did change the obvious entity names into relevant names for my setup.

Any ideas on how to go about from here?