Advanced VIRTUAL ASSISTANT using Linux as a Wyoming Satellite

Youtube Video

Description :

Using the customizable nature of Linux along with the Voice Assistant components of Home Assistant, we can build a Visually Rich Interface for our Virtual Assistant.

Programs Used :

  • Elkowars Wacky Widgets (a.k.a - EWW) : The main interface is built using this widget toolkit
  • Wyoming Satellite
  • Wyoming Faster Whisper
  • Wyoming Piper
  • Wyoming OpenWakeWord

Can you tell us more about how you built the UI :smiling_face: ? This looks impressive but I wonder how easy it would be for someone else to build this

Thank you, I will post some instructions this weekend.

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The results of the contest are out!
They may be of interest to you :wink:
Have a look!

I’m also curious about the details of the project.

This is awesome and exactly what I’m looking to do in my own setup, looking forward to instructions / a Github page!

Kindly checkout the project repo : GitHub - nfragment/virtual-assistant-luna: A set of configurations to build a Virtual Assistant like Jarvis.


Added Instructions to get started. Kindly try it out.
Keep an eye out for more updates.

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